Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Being very skeptical and I am not too surprised at much, I was surprised this morning by the USPS.   I went to the Post Office in Monroeville PA, at around 10:30 AM.    There was one clerk and ten people in line, that did not surprise me.   After a few minutes the clerk called next and the next man in line went to the counter.

"I am here to get my Passport" he said.   Said she, "Do you have an appointment?"   "No, I called this morning and a man told me that they started at 10:30 and I brought my Birth Certificate that I was told to bring"

"You need an appointment, who did you talk to?"   asked the clerk.    "I don't know" he said.  
"I will let you talk to the manager, because I do not answer the phones"   "OK"

Manager arrives and the man repeated the scenario above.   "You need an appointment, we are all booked up for this week and next."  said the Manager.

Man is irate by now.   "I called and came up at 10:30 and brought my identification.   I took time off from work.  Why did you not tell me that I would need an appointment/"    asked the Man

'YOU DID NOT ASK ME" was the reply from the manager.    Can you believe that the Manager actually said that to the Postal Customer.    What an arrogant asshole.....Then the manager goes in his office and slams the door. 

By now my business was completed and I had to leave, I am wondering if the jerk every got back to the Man or he just left him standing there.   I suspect he just left him there.   I would have been on the horn and filed a complaint to whomever was the supervisor.  But I know that nothing would be done to the Manager.

What ever happened to common sense and courtesy?    What kind of a jerk would say that to any type of customer or client.   Now wonder the Postal Service is in bad shape, because here is an example of mismanagement, arrogance, and a failure  to provide basic information to the public.   We should not have to ask each and every question relating to the service we are seeking at any branch of the Federal Government.   I think I would be composing my poison pen letter to my Senators and Representative too.


  1. That is so ridiculous when the people who are so rude to customers. and then to have the manager act that way. That is pure stupidity.

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