Monday, August 1, 2011



I hope the brothers are not jealous.  We are going on a road trip to visit the daughter.  Chuck will be home at the cat ranch.  All they do is sleep and eat, mostly sleep.   On our first day there we do not have much to do since it is a long drive and also it is tiring.

One of Emily’s co-workers suggested a trip to TAUGHANNOCK FALLS which is a little north of Ithaca NY.  It seems to be that you can walk around the entire  gorge.   The falls look spectacular.   The FALLS look spectacular, I inserted this link because Wednesday seemed to be the coolest day but with a chance of rain.  Another thing on our itinerary is to visit the CORNING MUSEUM OF GLASS  , WELLSBORO PA and the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.  

We have no schedule, just a few days off and the weather looks good.  So we will take water and possibly a few trail snacks and a camera.   We’re all excited.

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  1. Hope you all are having a great time or at least had a good time if you are back.