Friday, November 4, 2011


I have not been too focused on Blogging.  The past week we went to Williamsburg VA, I attended a conference and Chuck hung out.    I wanted to get re-certified for two more years, just in case.  In case, who knows what the next two year will bring.

The day before we left it snowed.   As of today I am reading that people are still out of power.   On the way on the PA Turnpike last Sunday we say convoys of tree removal trucks headed East on the pike.   I suppose they were going to cut trees but a week later I can not imagine the amount of damage.

The drive down to Williamsburg was uneventful.  What I did see and surprised me was the number of people texting while driving I95.   If anyone had driven this road you would be shock to think that anyone would think of doing texting.

Down I 95 it is three to four lanes with everyone going 70 MPH.   It was very scarey to see those fools doing that.  We stayed at the WILLIAMSBURGH LODGE because that is where the conference was given.   It was a nice place next to Colonial Williamsburg.  The cost was discounted and we spent two days walking about and see the exhibits of the way it was in 1775.   It is a nice place to visit once in a lifetime.

I visited with my brother who lives in the area.   Chuck wanted to see the VIRGINIA WAR MUSEUM  Which was much more interesting to him than to me.   We had a good time.   The classes were only in the mornings, which left the afternoons to sight see.

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  1. My daughter in law is a nurse and she keeps sayig this is not a life time career but she makes sure her nursing certificate stays up to date and plans on continuing doing that even after she leaves Bryan Hosp. for a while. She worked so hard to get her RN"s degree. Their daughter and was in intensive care for at least 2 weeks. had a very serious accident and the daughters little girl was just a baby so DIL and my son took that child wherever they could have someone dependable to watch her. My daughter was babysitting at the time so that worked out well but DIL was so short on sleep it is a miracle she made it through each day. Glad you enjoyed your trip.