Sunday, September 18, 2016


I was over this summer about 4 July 2016.    Year keep hearing each year that the last was the warmest on record.    September is more than half over and this week it is still going to be in the 80's  I want to wear my sweaters and new slacks.   I want to turn off the air conditioned and let the breeze blow in the house, I want to be able to use my oven; which I refuse to do in the summer.  GRRRR

The past month  has been bad for the cars we own.   We were driving to a family wedding and the 2005 Subaru Legacy started yelping, no kidding it sounded like a dog.   Chuck stopped the car and we all got out and looked.   We did not feel anything or see a dog cross in front of us.

There was no dog, back in the car and on the road again.  Next it was making noises like we had a bunch of washer rolling around in a beer can.  The venue for the wedding was very close and we made it.   This car has about 60,000 miles on an eleven year old car.  He had to call AAA and have the car towed to the dealer.

Wonder of wonders, it was diagnosed with a blown turbocharger.   To replace it was 2K and they also thought a short block should be done too.   That was 5K or a total of 7K, for a car that its Blue Book value was listed as 4K.    He had the car towed back home and has been installing the turbocharger himself.  It has been two weeks and we are hoping it will be OK.

Exactly one week after the turbocharger incident our daughter was coming home from work when she called to say there was something  seriously wrong with her car.....Loss of power, warning lights flashing and the engine was revving with with a room, room, room.   I love AAA, the short of that story is it was electrical and needed a new hiring harness since they could not isolate the problem.  Ca-ching, Ca-ching, Ca-ching.

It has not been a good month.

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  1. I've been through car nightmares many times and can truly feel your pain.

    When I first moved to TN I was delighted when the summer of 2015 was cool and mild. THIS summer, however, was hotter than Hades and the heat has no intention of going away. It's mid-September and 90 degrees. I feel like I'm back in California or Texas...