Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I have found the back end of somewhere to get into this web site. I had to go to Google Blog and it would not let me in. Then I clicked home on the blogger and poof here I am.

It is 9:30 PM and we have just finished the days work. I am off tomorrow and I have a dentist appointment in the afternoon. I love it when my teeth are clean but I hate the scraping and grinding that goes along with it.

The last time I was there my hygienist suggested that I get a battery operated tooth brush. What could have been more useless to me than a battery operated brush. I am happy to report that I love that brush. It keeps my teeth so much cleaner, and the tea stains are much less. I thought it was in the useless category, like the way I felt about automatic garage door openers. Can't do without that either. Or how about the heater car seat fanny warmers, that is a must have too.

I bet I could take a poll and see what everyone else thought was useless and now it is a must have..... Another must have......computers. Back when Emily was little, c. 1984 I worked in Fort Worth TX. There was a doctor there whose children were going off to college. He insisted (1984 mind you) that the children were to take a computer with them. I thought that was totally useless. He said that in time each house would have a computer. I could not believe him, and now, we have three at our house. Each person has one, and it is an absolute necessity. Or close to it. I could not get along without it.

Wonder what will be the necessary must haves of the future ??????


  1. Hey I use to live in Arlington... long ago. I love my electric tooth brush. One can only imagine what will be in the future.. My Dad worked for IBM and I remember the floppys of days gone by.. what 5x5? LOL

  2. I have one of those types of toothbrushes; you are right it does a great job!!

    I haven't tried to get on blogger on my work computer yet; I'll have to see if I have some time to play around with it tomorrow; but usually if I'm not typing on it, I'm not making money LOL (I get paid by the line :)

    have a good day!