Monday, October 6, 2008


Today was a 10 hour day. I did general surgery all day. General surgery is my favorite. It was gallbladder removal as usual. Tomorrow I am working a 16 hour day. Who knows what I will be doing. Then I have one more 10 on Thursday and then I am off for a week. I always take off a week in October. I hope the leaves and weather will be good by the end of next week so I can go on my Fall Foliage Trip. Which are the back roads of PA.

Emily is still liking Nursing School. They are having a fundraiser by selling T-shirts and sweatshirts. Guess I will have to buy one. That seems to be a think here in the USA that everyone had shirts with college names on them. Do they do that in the rest of the world?
I have been listening to the state of the economy and it is depressing. We had hoped to be seriously considering retirement but now I suspect it will be delayed a bit.

I am glad Emily chose to go to Nursing School because health care is pretty much recession proof. I suppose undertakers are also recession proof, as well a police, fireman and a whole host of others.

Guess that is about it for now. I can not wait till tomorrow because magically AOL will transfer all out old journal to our new site. I hope none of you hold your breath waiting for that to happen.........maybe again, I will be wrong.

I have decided to recycle all of my old photos. This was taken at the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia PA. This past summer when Emily and took a mother - daughter trip.


  1. You know, you're right about health care being recession proof!

  2. I didn't get anything about the transfer.. hmmmm What's up with that. I'll let you know about health care when they announce at work how much the cost of my insurance went up.

  3. I do medical transcription and my husband is in hospital mid management; you are right, people always are going to need some type of health care

    hope your day goes well tomorrow; how exciting to have a vacation coming up!


  4. Mydaughter in law is a nurse and really likes it. One of us land in the hospiral, open your eyes and there she is. She works 12 hLucyours, i THINK 3 DAYS A WEEK.