Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Well I have figured out how to set the time. It is somewhere in the bowels of this BLOG. After spending this morning cleaning, it has helped to get rid of some of my frustrations. Just a few, mind you.

I have to check and see which format I like the best. I had the idea to copy my journal and burn it to a DVD. I got as far as formatting the DVD but the computers instructions tell me to click and drag the files to the DVD. I can't find out if it is posssible to put the journal into a file. I have tried but I can not get it to work.


  1. I made a file in my favorites and saved each months entry in it's own file. Then transfered the files to documents. If you click on the file in doc, or move your browser over should ask where you want to move it to. One of the options should be drag to disk..I believe you should be able to find your way from there. Hope this helps. It's the way I managed to save 2 years worth of files on disk. Delighted to see you over here dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Thanks Indigo, how long did it take you to do that. I have downloaded the FTP files and am now installing a reader from Foxit Reader 2.3. The gren progress bar does not seem to be moving so I have a suspicion that it is not progressing........I will now try your suggestion and make a favorite file.

    My new worry is AOL will delete my saved favorites and email I have saved.