Monday, October 6, 2008

Back to work.

For all the new people whom I have met on Blogger this is a picture of me (center bottom row) and my sibs.
This was taken this summer at my sisters house (bottom left) She has a picnic every summer, because she is the one with the swimming pool.
It is surprising that a lot of sibs are estranged and fight with each. We actually all get along. I do not know how we do it, but I suspect that we each have similar beliefs and value systems. For a bunch of old farts (they are in their 50's and I will be 62 this month) we have good health or maybe it is the genes, or who knows. Possibly all the tea we drink. I have been drinking several cups of tea just about every day since I was in my teens; and so has my sibs.
They are top row Richard, Thomas, William, Kathleen, Claudia, Shawnna. (left to right)


  1. Great to see this picture again! Although there are only three of us sisters in my family, I think I'd rather chew off my own foot than fight with either of them. That would be disrespectful to our parents, and I know that none of us would ever do that to Mom and Dad!


  2. what a nice looking family! and wonderful you all get along!!!