Sunday, October 12, 2008


It is early morning and quite chilly. You can read that on my weather widget. I placed a world visitor site meter but according to it everyone who visits seems to live in IOWA.

That can't possibly be right. Nothing wrong with Iowa, in fact we lived there in the early 80's. Actually we lived in Iowa City. It is really a nice college town and I wish I had been motivated enough to go to the University and get a Masters Degree. In what I have no idea. The tuition was inexpensive for in state residents and it would have been a short drive for me. Emily was little at the time and I was busy with her. I was sad earlier in this year to see the flooding and devastation that the rain caused. I hope they are getting things back together.

When Emily was a junior in college she thought she would have liked to go to grad school and study Library Science. We made a summer trip and visited Pitt, Univ of Michigan, Univ if Illinois, Univ of Indiana, and Univ of Iowa.

We did a drive by of the house where we lived and she has no memory of it, but it was nice to see. She had really wanted to go but after a friend told her that she would probably have to move, she decided not to do that. She chose Nursing School instead. That girl loves school, I told her to get her RN and then let the hospital she works for assist her in her tuition payments for further degrees.

Off this morning to Sam's Club, I like to get an early start....I will be driving to Williamsburg VA the first week in November for and educational conference; I want to stop at Half Price Books and get two books on CD for the trip. If I get bored with that I will pop on my iPod which can go with music forever because there are probably about 250 CD on it.


  1. well this gal from alabama has been in to visit a couple of times. lol i have an ex bro inlaw in iowa city so i've visited there a few times years ago. i really liked the area...esp the downtown. thats where i had my first was it good! :)

  2. Claudia, LOL at everyone living in Iowa! It DOES look that way, doesn't it? We're not all that far away, but it's a few hours' drive!

    Hope your shopping trip was successful!


  3. Hey Claudia, I found you here at Blogger. Not sure what happened that I was not following earlier.

    I am going to Iowa in early November, I will inquire if they all blog :o)

  4. I'm in Washington state and it's been a LONG time since I've even been near Iowa. Maybe they don't have enough to do so everyone blogs?


    I'm not off to look at my map to see if I have a lot from Iowa.

  5. isn't that interesting that everyone is from Iowa? I'm in Southern California but drove through Iowa years ago; maybe that's how I show up as being from Iowa; that is kind of funny in a way

    enjoy the day


  6. Iowa, it is mostly corn and hogs. I really did like Iowa City. They had (in 1984) already a computerized library system. Emily and I would go once a week and go to story time. I wouldn't mind retireing there, but Chuck, bless his heart, would like to retire in Fort Worth TX. That was a nice town too, but for me, it was too damned hot. Guess we will stay in Western P !!!!