Sunday, October 12, 2008


This is the back end of Pennsylvania Hospital, which is located in Philadelphia PA. I worked there in the late eighty's. Chuck was working in NJ and I had found a job here. We were living in NJ and I would drive to the train station and then take the High Speed Line to Philadelphia. It was called PATCO. The mass transit in Philadelphia is great.......To drive in from NJ would take 45 minutes and cost a lot, for the tolls and parking, if you could find it.

The train would leave me off one block from the station and I would walk the block to the hospital.

I have found in working all over this country, that the faces change but the personalities remain the same.

Pennsylvania Hospital is the first hospital in the country. It was founded by Benjamin Franklin, and Dr Physick (Benjamin I think) and it is still in operation. It was a nice place to work.....actually, most of the places I have work have been good. I guess that is the questions I ask during the interview process. Like to you get relieved for breaks and lunches. That is important to me. Sometimes if I do not get to eat I get really grumpy and agitated. I think my blood sugar drops, because I could get ready to kill someone. I have found out that if I eat protein, such as eggs, cheese, and yogurt I do not feel as bad. I have worried about developing diabetes, but I watch what I eat and I am happy to report that my sugar was 87. Which was normal....

Today was a good day. I went to Sam's Club, the local mall, and I am happy to report to the President that I have done my obligatory spending. I bought some jeans, long sleeve Tshirts, and a jacket. I do most of my shopping at Macy's. I LOVE Macy's. I wear petite sizes and they have a good selection. I would like clothes that look good on mature (how do you like that euphemism?) woman and not like I would dress like some Hootchie Mama..... A lot of the blouses and shirts are so full, and look like maternity tops. It is hard to find clothes for average size gals, and if your short, it is even a bigger problem. I like casual clothing and especially like LL Bean, which is opening this November in the Pittsburgh area. I love LL Bean.....

Well. off tomorrow. Who knows what I willdo. Maybe clean the inside of the windows. I hired a guy to do the outsides, I am getting too old to them. I do not want to risk a fall and broken bones.

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  1. sounds like a great day! hope tomorrow will be a good one