Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I have been working on my Genealogy and it is exhausting. I have been doing this for two years. Which is short span of time when others have been doing this for years.

My problem (and probably many others) is that I got interested in this when all the elder family members were dead. Some one asked once if I could have dinner with someone from long ago who would it be. I decided it would have been some of my ancestors. The problem for me is that I am now in the mid 1800's looking for great grandparents, and beyond.

There is a web site for Ireland where for a fee you can get information from the records that now are digitized. I entered the name of my great grandfather and came up with about 50 of the same name that were within 8 years of his DOB. I do not mind paying but not for fifty of them.

I wish they had the same on a German website. I think I will have to take German lessons in order to read the records. I asked Emily who has studied German for four years in High School and three in college and all she can tell me "I don't know"

She is not much help when it comes to translations. Mysteriously she got A's in her German Classes ?????

Birth Death Marriage Genealogy Records Ireland - Irish Family History Foundation


  1. As someone who took a lot of German in high school and college, I can say that if you don't use it, you start to lose it! Also, a lot of the technical words or bureaucracy words aren't ones that you necessarily learn for conversational German (or any other language, I would imagine). Sometimes you can sort of figure something out, but not often!


  2. I hope you find what you are looking for with your genealogy; I know a lot of people do a lot of searching for family trees, etc. My aunt did for our family as much as she could before she passed, but a lot of my grandparents records had been lost in the various wars since they were born in Poland; it is fascinating what she did find

    good luck with your search


  3. I've always wanted to, just to prove what I already know. However both sets of grandparents are gone and my mother....she doesn't exactly like to be helpful in any form what so ever. Hope your able to find what your looking for hon! (Hugs)Indigo

  4. A family member I didn't know existed did our family history and contacted me. He lives somewhere out in the midwest. It was really interesting to see what he came up with. Good luck with your search.