Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Morning

This is a picture of an old grist mill in Volant PA. It is a small town in Northwest PA. The town has a lot of craft shops, and all the usual suspects of shops in such a town. Or maybe it can be classified as a village. It is not to far from New Wilmington PA, which is home to Westminster College. PA has a lot of small Liberal Arts Colleges all over the state.
The grist mill is also a craft shop. The creek runs under the shop and at this point in time does not function.
Many years ago a lot of power was obtained from water power. I think I read that a little town somewhere in New England was going to resurrect their water mill and use it to supply the power for that town. Guess I should Google that idea and get the real story with names, places and dates.
Another thought !!!!! Has Google been added to the new words in the dictionary. I tried to add a word of the day with the gadget feature but could not do it. It was blank and I could not get words to appear, There are so many I could spend a lot of time on my derriere perusing all of them. I like the obscure and useless facts that pop up, and also the random quotes.


  1. that photo is great. Consider joining the photo challenge.. the link is on my blog :)

  2. I also like your "useless knowledge" and quote widgets. I love trivia!

    I believe I recall hearing that yes, "google" is now an official word. I think if you're talking about the company or its products, you write Google, but it is also a verb as in "I'll google grist mills and see what I find." Then there is "self-googling," in which you google your own name and see what you get. LOL!