Saturday, October 4, 2008

Last Thursday evening was my trivia night. Chuck worked till 7:30 and after work he went to his favorite The Gateway Grill. When he got there he realized that he had forgotten his glasses. He could not read his book............But the worst was when he asked for the check. He could not read it. So, he asked the waitress how much he owed. Twenty dollars said she. Then he told her put down $3.50 for a tip and add it up, and tell me where to sign. LOL LOL He said it was a good thing she didn't tell him $50 because she would have gotten a bigger tip. LOL

Claudia said that was funny and why don't you put a pair of your old glasses in your car???? Good idea, said Chuck....We got a chuckle out of that.

But the biggest trouble he has is that the Grill no longer is carrying his favorite beer. BLUE MOON It is a wheat beer, it is truly a beer for people who do not like beer. He told the manager the wheat beer was too dilute, had no body and he does not like it at all. Chuck told him he wasn't coming back till they had it on tap again. I think he is hoping the waitress will forget about his forgetting glasses episode by then. LOL


  1. Sounds like a spare pair of glasses is a good idea!


  2. Maybe I coudl buy him a pair at Rite Aid off the rack for $5.00. LOL


  3. that was good thing the waitress was so honest, but then I'm sure he would have known if it was an outrageous amount for the bill; glad your daughter is enjoying nursing school; my son, 19 years old, didn't want to do the college route, might decide to in a few years; he's doing real estate school; that will be good when the market bounces back, and it will, it always does :)

    thanks for the comment :)