Friday, October 3, 2008


Today is the last day of the formal work week. However, tomorrow I am on backup call, for 24 hours. I am hoping that I will not get called in........there are already three cases on the schedule, including on gyne case where the surgeons picks at things forever. I call it a pick-a-thon. These can last a long time, I wish she would just do her work and get it over. The others are general surgical, and there are always orthopedic cases on too.

Today I did orthopedics. Did hands all morning then moved into fractures, legs, arms, and hips. I just can not wait till it snows. The winter is the worst, those seniors citizens, of which I am included, feel the need to go out in the ice and snow. If it is snowing on Sunday I am sure the Lord will forgive anyone who stays at home in bad weather. The ones who venture out are the ones most likely to fall and break their hip. I would like to stay at home on snow days but my boss doesn't see it like I do. LOL

I think I am getting the hang of this journal. I am finding a bit of difficulty with the comments. Finding them and some people said they were having trouble posting them. Wonder what is up with that. I have found all these cute gadgets to add on. There is also one for putting on advertising and getting paid. I would like to do that if there was an option to donate it to a charity. Will look into that later, at some point and time.

Guess that is all for now. Going to look at more gadgets.............


  1. I haven't had any problem commenting so far!

    I'm liking it, too. One thing that's fun is that we can add all kinds of widgets, rather than being restricted to the handful of AOL's "allowed" sites. I like the new info on your sidebar!


  2. I'm trying to get past the part about it's suppose to snow there Sunday...the summer has flown so fast and it appears Autumn is going just as quickly. I love the ability to play around with different aspects of our journals now. (Hugs)Indigo