Thursday, October 23, 2008


I have had two dulls days. Nothing going on at all. Went to work and did gyne, that is exciting if you are the one having the surgery....If you are you are probably needing it.
I had a student today and she did very well. Tomorrow I am doing podiatry. I am also 10 hours. I like going home after eight hours, I feel sad when I see the others leaving and I am still there.
Tonight is trivia night. This is the last game for the season and next Thursday is the party. I will stop for hoagies and go to the bar and eat and play. They do not sell food, and since it doesn't they can still smoke in there. I do not smoke, but love to play trivia. When I come home I smell like I have been standing in a forest fire. I have to shower and wash my hair or the smell will be on my pillow case and sheets.
There are seven categories. Billy, the moderator, makes the categories. Things like words, before and after, tribond, potpourri, and any number of miscellaneous things. You never know what he will do. Won't be too long tonight before I order those Hoagies.................

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  1. that trivia night sounds fun; hope you enjoyed yourself

    have a good weekend