Monday, October 13, 2008


Until I take new pictures, or scan some of the 1000's I have I will just recycle ones from before. Taken at Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia PA.

I am off all week, yeah.......Early this morning, about 05:35, actually, I was greeted by the wake up call from Chucks car in the driveway right below our bedroom window. That interrupted my REM sleep. He called this morning and I mentioned that fact and he said he didn't know what happened. (Operator error I suspect) The alarm went off when he opened the car door. Emily was also awakened, even though she was scheduled to get up 10 minutes later at 05:45, she said she needs all the sleep she can get. Her class started at 07:00, guess that is to prepare the future nurses for getting up and getting to work for a 7 AM start. I suspect she will be working the late shift.

She told me yesterday that she told her boss she could schedule her for 07:00 on Black Friday. The Friday after Thanksgiving for those who do not know the term. Said she has been getting up early and that would be OK. I think she wanted to be sure that she got a parking space at the Mall. She worked late last year and could not find a place to park. Drove around for about 15 minutes waiting for someone to leave.

I have NEVER gone shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I am usually exhausted from cooking, or at work. I am having Thanksgiving dinner this year. I have to plan the menu, it is easy to do all the relatives like the same things they has the yer before.


  1. Yep, I think that every morning since I retired. Wonder if mthat could be the farm kid comming out. My daughter in law os a nurse and works 12 hour shifts. She really took it up rather late in life but she got through it. My first daughterinlaw and she has to be a saint to put up with my stubborn son. Lucy

  2. I sometimes like to go shopping that Friday after Thanksgiving; not to buy mostly but to people watch; your daughter sounds like my son; they both sound like night owls as compared to a morning person like I tend to be

    sorry you got woken up early on your day off; now you have an excuse for a nap later :)


  3. Never fails to wake early on a day you can sleep in. Hope you have a great week off.