Monday, November 3, 2008


Woke up at a VERY early hour; my body is still on day light savings time.
I figured out how to work the Internet access. I thought I had to go into the bowels of the computer and set it up; but all I had to do was click on the Internet Explorer icon and up it came. I had to set it up on the hotels access. Another thing I have is a water boiler pot. I love to have a cup of tea in the morning, and if you heat the water in the supplied coffee pot, the tea tastes like coffee. I am actually on my second cup of tea.
The weather forecast for this week is that there is a low (rain) developing in Georgia and it will be coming up the coast. After the lectures I will go to the Williamsburg Outlets, the rain is to start tonight so I decided to go today. They do not give us homework and a test.
I have to get a large Tshirt to sleep in and forgot my shower cap. I searched the room and there is not one to be had. I make lists of things to take, but it doesn't work if that thing is not on my list.
Emily is worried about her job. Although she is going to school she works ten to fifteen hours per week. The jewelry stores lease is up in January and there is rumor of its closing. With the economy in as bad as shape as it is jewelry is the last thing that people want to buy. She cancelled Netflix and some Photo thing. Why would she need some photo service???? I had never heard of it. We had a little discussion about WANTS and NEEDS. I hope it clicked in her brain.


  1. Sounds like so far so good on the trip. Just stay safe and try to have a little fun while you are at it. Lucy

  2. I love hotels...once in a blue moon. It's an adventure! I don't get out much. It don't take much to amuse me. Oh look! A shiny button.......

  3. Is Henry your cat? He looks just like my Jackson. Can't imagine how we got on without him. We saved him from the Humane Society last Thanksgiving. He fetches like a dog. Love him !!!!
    Are all the pics you post your own?

  4. glad you figured out the Internet so you could have more access to it; I bet shopping at the outlet stores will be a nice adventure; I wonder if you check at the front desk of the hotel if they have shower caps; perhaps they don't stock them individually in the rooms since so many people would take them home if they don't use them; sorry to hear about Emily's job potentially going; it is such a tough economy; it is amazing though how they can discern between wants/needs (my son is still not working, so I feel your daughter's fear)