Sunday, November 2, 2008

Today was a long drive...I started out at 7 AM and went first on the PA Turnpike. It looked like a abattoir with a lot of deer carcase on the roadway. There was one with a huge rack on his head, I was thinking that someone is crazy enough to stop and cut his head off. There was another spot where grisly remains and blood covered the entire highway. It actually looked like all that was left was a deer pelt. Good thing I was going at 65 mph and that vision did not last for long, I had to maneuver the car so I didn't get any matter on my tires. After I went thru the mountains of PA and headed south thru MD for a few miles, WV for a few miles and then into VA. I stopped at the Virginia Farm Market and bought some apples. (I am currently typing on Internet Explorer and it will not let me minimize this posting to go and check a listing on that market to post here) Then a ride thru the Virginia Country side to I95, and south.

That I 95 is a scary ride. It is three and four lanes wide and everyone was passing me despite a plethora of police parked along the road. On the way down I 64 there was an accident and we had to wait about a half hour to get around. Nothing looked serious.

I thought the check in time was 3, but it was 4 and the housekeeper did not get it habitable until 3:59. The room is nice, but I remembered the last time the train across the road from the hotel......Guess I will put on the A/C so I can sleep. I like a cold room as opposed to a hot one. I sleep soundly when it is about 65 F. I called my brother and we will go out for dinner some evening with he and his wife, and possibly my niece.

The lectures start at 7:00, just like going to work. Hopefully I will get a good nights sleep.

The Crown Plaza states free WIFI, but they do not get it in the rooms. So, there is a modem and it is free, but I have to sit in a chair and not on the bed; I won't be spending much time on line. I tried to click on my installed version of AOL but it kept trying to connect me, even though I was already connected. Another computer demon to haunt me I suppose.

Did not take any pictures yet. The Virginia Farm Market looked the same as last year, so I can just recycle them. LOL


  1. Glad you made it there safely. I'm sure it was a lovely drive, despite the grisly remains on the highway of the poor deer!

  2. The drive over doesn't sound like it was much fun. The other night I set the cruise control for 60/ speed limit is 55. I set it for 60 as I saw several highway patrols and I wasn't wanting a ticket! Seems others weren't concerned.

    When I worked at Expedia, I would get a lot of calls from people who would complain that the hotel listed they had free wifi, I'd check with the hotel and find yes, they had free wifi - in their business center only. So, essentially they didn't mislead ... grrrrrrrr. (That didn't increase my opinion of that hotel)


  3. How awful with all of the dead deer along the turnpike. We are heading that way next weekend and I know it will be upsetting to me.

    I'm glad you made it safely though, too bad about the WIFI.

  4. so glad to hear you arrived safe and sound, but what at trip!!