Saturday, November 22, 2008



With all the doom and gloom by the National Weather Service, nothing materialized except for a few flakes.     About fifty miles away on Interstate 76, there was ice and an assortment of precipitation in the frozen form.     It is amazing how the snow bands come of the Great Lakes and with in a few dozen miles the result will be so different.

The doors opened at 7 PM so we decided to leave at 5:45 PM.  This was because it was also "Light Up Night" in the city of Pittsburgh.

We ran into so much traffic it was unbelievable.   To get to the city from the eastern and souther suburbs you have to go thru tunnels.   For some reason, unknown to me and many others, people slow down when they get to them.    The speed limit is 55 and they decrease it by 20 MPH.   Then, after you get thru the tunnel it speeds up again.  This happens each and every workday morning and every time there is some event (Baseball, Hockey, Football.)

Back to the Eagles.   It took us double or maybe even triple  the time that it would usually take to get there.   Fortunately more me it was downhill, my Subaru has a manual transmission and I dread traffic jams  in an uphill direction.

We got in the Mellon Arena parking lot at 6:50 PM.  It was about 20 F and the wind was blowing.  In the meantime we are watching the people inside watching the concert goers freezing their butts off in the cold, dark and wind.   That is  real power trip and control issue.

At 7:05 PM we were  herded in  like cattle down a chute, at least there was not a knock on the head and a knock out.  The seats were in peanut  heaven, but they had two large screens with close ups. 

The concert started, there was NO opening act.   Don Henley said it was the "Eagles Assisted Living" Tour and then the music began.   They play from 8:10 till about 11:20 with only one twenty minute break.   It was outstanding; a combination of old and new.   There was a special effect show projected behind them, the pictures were related to things in the songs.   In some of the performance there were pics from the 70's.   They sang a mix of mostly old and some new.  The Eagles also sang songs from their new album Long Road out of Eden.   I may even buy it.    It was a good evening and everyone enjoyed it immensely.



  1. I'm glad you had such a great time! Wow, they played for a long time. Did they do "In the City?" That's my favorite Eagles song.

  2. I just love the name of the Eagle's tour! Assisted Living! Too funny! Sorry that it was sooo cold, but at least the concert was worth it! Blessings! Lisa

  3. awesome concert!! I bet you did enjoy yourself very much!! I remember when they were in Montana, they played a long time too! was their encore "Hotel California"??

    what a hassle to get to it though!


  4. I wish I would have seen that show. The Eagles are one of my favorite bands.