Thursday, November 20, 2008


This was taken long ago and far away.  Actually it was a snow storm in Slovenia.   My friend and I were living here while our husbands worked for an American company that built nuclear power plants.    We took a long walks and the snow was exciting.

We are expecting snow here today into tomorrow.   A total of six inches is forecast.  So far there is nary a flake.   The forecast said that six inches will fall between six PM today and six PM tomorrow.    I am going to the Eagles Concert no matter how much is snows.   It is only a thirty minute drive into the city; and I have AWD.......

Had off today and didn't do much at all.  I had to get money and gas....Emily was home early because the great and powerful Penn State canceled her Anatomy class because of the snow forecast.   We sat and looked out the window and wondered WHY DID THEY DO THAT.  She is working tonight.   I guess after Thanksgiving the Mall will be open till 11 PM.   Seems like a waste of time to me, she said very few people actually are out and about at that hour.....

Back to work tomorrow....I keep watching the stock market and wonder how many people who were planning on retirement will now be working longer.......a lot of people will be graduating and would have taken the jobs of the people who retired.....I think it will be an abysmal year for the 2009 college grads...



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  1. Hi Claudia! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my rant! It really didn't take much energy...I just redirected what I was expending on the pity party-to the computer! LOL! Be safe in that snow storm! Oh and I am so upset with the stock market having lost 25K in the past few months! Arrgggghh! Blessings, Lisa

  2. love your attitude that you will get to that concert no matter what! no snow is going to stop you! that's the Montanan attitude, LOL; they never closed anything for snow; my sister used to live in the DC area and said when it was forecasted snow, people would run to the store and the stores would be packed with people getting emergency supplies. I loved living in Montana; the kids never had a snow day :)

    enjoy the concert!!