Monday, November 24, 2008

Gloomy and Dreary Day

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It doesn't look like this outside, but who knows by tomorrow. It is raining and then the temperature is to drop and turn to snow. This is one of the coldest November's I can remember. More like December. Guess we have a good chance of a white Thanksgiving.

I am off this week; and spending the time getting ready for Thanksgiving Dinner. Tomorrow I will pick up the turkey. This time I went to the turkey farm, it is hormone and antibiotic free, or so they say. The taste test will be here soon.

I have always purchased a fresh turkey, mainly because I do not have the space and time to dedicate sitting the bird in the refrigerator and letting it defrost for a week. I would need a refrigerator just for the turkey...Sunday I did a lot of shopping, today bought the decorative plates (nothing to clean) and some wine glasses. Soon all that will be left to do is the cleaning.

The above picture was taken long ago. It is on the campus of Grove City College, in Grove City PA. It is a very selective Christian College that does not take ANY Federal money from the government. They can set their rules and regulations and the Feds can not tell them what to do......Their tuition is very low for a private college and this is also because they do not have to spend money jumping thru hoops for the government. So, if you want a strict, no drinking and no anything else that a college person would like to do, this is your place. Emily visited there and said it would be just like living at home......Guess there is something to be said about no-nonsense child rearing....Grove City College

She didn't go there, she went to Baldwin Wallace College. I am glad that all that college searching is over and done. I find it somewhat irksome about all the totally useless degrees that are presented. With some of them you will not be prepared for anything. I guess some majors are just to supply some professors with a job. Kids find out too late when the graduate and are unable to find a job.


  1. We may as well have one of the Turkeys that has extra antibiotics, since we're all already on them !!!! :)
    I think you mentioned mulled wine in a previous post??? The crockpot lady posted a recipe for it today, thought I'd pass you the link.
    Enjoy your week off.

  2. Here's hoping you have an awesome Thanksgiving!

  3. I like that Grove City College; I bet most parents do; I bet most kids don't, LOL; sounds like a great school :)

    sounds like you are busy too getting all the preparations going for your big dinner! its good you aren't rushing through and able to enjoy some downtime too :)


  4. Beautiful photograph. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!


  5. Beautiful Gorgeous picture. The weather has been all over the map here in NY. Your right though, the coldest Nov. I remember in a long time. (Hugs)Indigo

  6. I have tagged you for the Marie Antoinette Award. Go to my blog and check it out!

  7. Ummmm....wellllll....Grove City just decided to let go of it's 'dry town' status. I believe they are going to start with 3 liquor licenses. I know several graduates of the college...and though not a party school per se. Plenty of parting happens. And now that main street is getting bars...I would expect that things will change. But Rachel's Roadhouse is filled with G.C.C. kids. New Wilmington has Westminster College and we are still a 'dry town'. Send your kids here folks!

  8. Hi Claudia, glad you are about ready for Thanksgiving. We have had no snow here in this part of Nebraska but they did in the midwest. We will not be left out I am afraid. New blog address I deleted my day to day. I did to much complaining so fresh start. Lucy

  9. That is a beautiful picture. My company built the Super 8 in Grove City so I am familiar with the area...a little bit anyway. :)