Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanks Karen

Well, it took me awhile but I did manage to snag and drag.  After a few attempts.  Now I have to find some of my peeps who have not received this award.

I will find you.

http://sometimesithink-krissy.blogspot.com/  Krissy whose husband is sick in Hershey.  I always enjoy her entry's.

http://wwfbison.blogspot.com/  Lisa who is a fellow Pennsylvanian who love and devotes her time to the care and feeding of animals.  That is a lot of work Lisa.

http://idonotrecallhavingamemoryproblem.blogspot.com/   Suzy who has been sick lately but always makes me laugh with her posts and also love animals.

http://lonestarconcerto.blogspot.com/  Jon who makes me laugh with his Texas sized trial and tribulations.  Especially at the bank and Walmart.

http://attheendofmyday.blogspot.com/  And Jen who is always doing some cooking or other domestic activity.

Now how do I notify them??  Guess I will figure it out soon or maybe tomorrow.

Guess what, you now have to find five other people to nominate.  I like the way you write and you always give me info and keep me amused.


  1. congrats Claudia!! you can notify them by leaving a comment in their journal that you have an award waiting for them at your journal for them to come and see :)

    you picked great picks!


  2. Thanks Claudia - I don't really know the history of this award, but I am honored :-)

    Today I am off to see either the Wizard or the Endocrinologist. I can let you know after I see the guy. This is to find out why I had the electrolyte imbalance 6 weeks ago that landed me in the hospital - seems a little late to me to be dealing with it!

    If I can ever really get my journal set up, I will have to add my new award!! My first in my new place - how exciting!!!

  3. Thank you for passing this award on to me, how sweet of you!!!

    Congratulations on being a recipient yourself.