Thursday, November 6, 2008


The interesting thing about Windows Writer is that it is FREE.   I just had to download the program  and experiment, I guess it has taken about 4 days and each day I find new things to experiment with the program.   It has an easy cut and past with a link to insert a hyperlink, instead of cutting and pasting the UTL.  Windows Live Writer   It is amazing how many free downloads there are out there.   Now if I could only figure out how to keep the selected font once I add something else, I would like to continue with the color and font above.

There should be a keep selection that will remain till it is unclicked.  

Last night my brother and his family went to Giuseppes it was a family restaurant near the Wiliamsburg Prime Outlets.   The food was delicious,  I had mushroom stuffed ravioli, with tomato-pesto sauce.   I would like to make it at home, but I would never stuff ravioli.   I am just too lazy. Guess I could google it...........I was glad to see then.  One niece is in High School and one is an Occupational Student in Richmond, and she had driven down to go to dinner.   They are both really nice young women.

This class will be done this afternoon and I am going to drive to Winchester, Virginia.   It is the Apple Capital of the World, or at least apples are a big business. 

Another computer Gremlin has surfaced.  The internet has kicked me off and I can not reconnect.    But, the good thing is Writer is on my computer and not the web site so I can still type and it did not disappear.

Williamsburg 018

One of the shop in Williamsburg Virginia.    I think the computer kicked me off because the Internet was interrupted.    At 5:30 I think the hotel cut it off because it was check out day.   Those rats............


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  1. dinner sounded delicious!! I think I agree with you; I'm lazy to stuff ravioli myself, but eating it is a different thing LOL

    so glad you got to see brother/family :)