Sunday, November 9, 2008


I am sitting here writing when I guess I should be getting ready to cooking dinner.   Chuck doesn't cook, although I have heard he can  boil hot dogs.     Emily told me that when she was in grade school and I was on call  (at the hospital) he would boil them on occasion.   What he likes most is to make reservations.

We had lived in Yugoslavia; and his job was done and we were moving back to the USA.    I made all kinds of meals, froze them, so all he would have to do was heat them.   I had gone back first and stayed with my parents while he ended his duties.    

When he got back I asked him about how it went with his heating the meals??   "It is hardly worth cooking and making that mess to clean up"     DUHHHHHHHHHHH  What if all the women in the world said that??????     It certainly WOULD  be easier to eat out every night.  If the cost was not a factor.   If I asked him about that 30 years later he would not remember.....

We went to Sam's Club.   We needed cat litter and they have large quantities and  a big pack of Friskies canned food.  We also got meat, they really have a nice selection.  For tonight entree I have a pre packaged turkey tenderloin, mashed potatoes and green beans.   I usually have dinner at 6 PM, tomorrow I am working till 5, so we will have shrimp, rice and another vegetable to be announced.............

Waiting for Emily to get home from Cleveland.  She called at 3 and said she was leaving.  That is a 2.5 hour drive.  Traffic will not be bad everyone in Allegheny County is hunkered down watching the Steelers.   Guess I should go and peel the potatoes even though it is a lot of work for 10 minutes of eating...............

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  1. I had to laugh at your last comment; it is so true; a lot of work we put into cooking for just a few minutes of eating; that's why I rarely make a recipe that takes longer than 30 minutes from start to finish (but in our house my hubby does most if not all the cooking)

    dinner sounds yummy; enjoy


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  3. I don't know that I was aware that you were in the Pitt. area. I used to work for a company in Akron, and my territory was Pittsburgh/Wheeler/Morgantown. That's where I discovered IKEA. :) I miss visiting that area. So beautiful. I loved coming through that tunnel at night and seeing the city.

  4. Hi! I agree at lot of work for ten minutes of eating! I cooked for 35 years, now it is my husbands turn! I love taking turns! LOL Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am glad you enjoyed my story about Whiskers, she was a heck of a cat! :)