Saturday, November 8, 2008


The day is winding down; only one more before I go back to work. I am REALLY looking forward to cutting down my days. Now that I am eligible for Social Security, I really feel that I still have something to contribute to humanity. I wonder if I made a difference in anyones life. I am sure I have, as any one in the medical business has. Someone told me long ago, just do not quit, cut your days down and then retire.

Health care is a profession where you can do that. At 62 my concern is health insurance for myself and my husband. Today is his birthday and he is 63. We went out to dinner and we asked each other where did the time go. Really, is seems like just a few years, but the decades have flown by. I think you do not notice it when it is happening, but, actually, where did it go. It seems like yesterday we were newlyweds and moving all over the world. (I really need to scan that photos of Korea and Europe) There are a lot to scan.

Korea was interesting in the fact that their culture was and is so different; Europe was like the USA, in the respect that their lives and customs are like most of the USA. I talked to a young woman who was a Korean immigrant, and she said that I would not recognize the country. They have Wall Mart and supermarkets like are in the states. At that time in the mid to late 70's we had a commissary on site and we bought on the black market. That was interesting, you go to the little man, tell him what you need, and with in a few minutes it would appear thru his window in the back of the shop. We were there in 1976 and I needed baked beans for the bicentennial celebration of the 4th of July. He did come thru and we had baked beans. I do not remember what else, beans were my assignment. The Korean people we so nice to foreigners who lived in their country; I think I would like to go back and see how much the country has progressed since then.. I probably would not recognize it.

I must get the scanning done soon.


  1. I'd love to see your pictures, Claudia!

  2. how fascinating to have lived different parts of our world; the adventures and the stories you have

    happy belated birthday to your husband! the time does go by fast doesn't it?

    I do like that advice to cut down days and then eventually retire

    hope your Sunday goes well and I look forward to seeing your pictures


  3. I to would love to see your pictures. I think as you said retire slowly. Lucy