Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I got home, after a busy day, and my daughter wanted to go out to eat.....Who am I to argue with a no cooking evening on the horizon. We went to D's and suds, or what ever its name is.....We went there last week for lunch and would you believe THEY DO NO SELL COFFEE. Now, I am not a great fan of coffee, I could go for weeks without it. When I do drink it I like sugar and cream. So, at 12 noon, there was no coffee to be had.....

We went there for supper, and I must admit, after work, in the evening, I find it acceptable to have a glass of wine. Riesling is my new favorite, it is a German wine, with a crisp and slightly sweet flavor. It is delicious....On the way home, in the western sky were two bright celestial objects.....I had to look them up, and TADA, they are Jupiter and Venus in the western sky. Jupiter is the highest of the two and Venus is closer to the horizon. If you click on this link http://www.pa.msu.edu/abrams/SkyCalendar/ This is from Abrams Planetarium in Michigan State University. Many years ago (in Fort Worth TX) I had taken an astronomy class. I really enjoyed that class and am delighted that I still have a bit of curiosity about what is going on in the heavens.....It has been cold and snowy, the ride to work was a bear, and the clear nights mean it will get very cold, but the sky was amazing tonight.


  1. When I was in grade school, the first thing I wanted to be was an astronomer. The second was an archaeologist. While I didn't end up as either, I stayed in the science field, and still have great interest in both subjects. Living in the country is a great chance to see the night sky!

    I like Riesling, too, but it's generally a little sweet for me. Over the years, I gravitated more and more towards dry wines. If we have Riesling now, it's a drier version, and we usually have it with a spicy fish dish.

    Stay safe on those snowy roads!
    Hugs, Beth

  2. I love looking at the stars; even though we live in a city, its amazing what we can see on a clear night; I know one of them has got to be a planet since it is so bright; I need to take an astronomy class

    I'm with you; I like to have a glass of wine with dinner sometimes; long story but we gave up alcohol for a year; have until this January 6th and then I can enjoy a glass of wine again :)


  3. Oh Reisling is my favorite too! I am a stargazer too and a favorite memory of mine is one night when my youngest and I laid on the bed watching a huge meteor shower together! It was awesome! Drive safe in the snow! Brrrr! Lisa