Wednesday, November 19, 2008



After a long day at work I am glad to be home.  Today I did orthopedics, Sometimes working in the OR you feel like a hamster on a wheel, running and running but getting nowhere.   We do get the work done but sometimes it can be exhausting.

The weather here in Western PA is like January.  Lake effect snow from Lake Erie leaves the roads slick each morning...I saw a lot of slip sliding the past few days.    And there are fender benders, like the snow and icy roads are something that never happened before and it is a totally new occurrence. 

I am excited for Friday.  Emily and I are going to The Eagles Concert.   She had mentioned once that if they ever came to Pittsburgh she would like to go, me too, really.   It is also "Light Up Night" in the city which is the kick off to the  Holiday Season; a few years ago the mental giants decided to call it "Sparkle Season"  Just about every in the area was irked with that one.....Really, its the Christmas Season, if it weren't for the birth of Jesus Christ we would not have this season.    I am not offended by anyone celebrating anything, so why did we have Sparkle Season......tell it like it is.  And celebrate what you like.....I will just be irked about the traffic  Friday and lack of parking, guess I will have to leave my home REALLY early to get a spot.


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  1. have a great time at the concert! we saw the Eagles in 2005 I think when we lived in Montana; it was a great concert!! what amazed me was how old they looked! I hadn't aged (yeah right) but they had!

    enjoy :)


  2. Concerts are so fun !!!!! I am jealous. Drive carefully, I hope you find a good parking spot.

  3. Sounds like you are about to have a wonderful weekend! Go for it!!!

  4. enjoy the concert...bundle up...the cold winter air is hitting southeast pennsylvania as well.

  5. It's the same here--that first snow, or icy road conditions, it's like people have never seen such phenomena before!

    Have a blast at the concert! Tell me if they play "In the City." It's my favorite Eagles song!