Friday, November 7, 2008


Yesterdays photo was taken in Williamsburg, Virginia.   In the summer it is sultry and crowded but very green and lush.   In the Autumn it is colorful, the leaves are at their peak and southern Virginia was ablaze with color.    The day I went it was overcast and starting to rain.   I just didn't want to walk around and try to take pictures in the rain.  

It is mostly no parking there with a few places near the

MERCHANTS SQUARE.   I found a parking area with a few hour limit.   I suppose this is to prevent people who are visiting the attraction from parking there.    It is also the location of

College of William and Mary.   So parking is at a premium.   I did find a small parking garage on Henry Street and it cost $1 per hour.   

Now that I have found how to insert the hyper links, I just need to know if there is an easy was to keep the font and color of font the same as before inserting the link.

The Precious Gem was  a store on the Duke of Gloucester Street.   Their collection was stunning as well as the prices.   Needless to say I just looked there.



  1. Welcome back!! thank you for the compliment on my picture. I am not uised to photobucket yet but playiing around with it. I love my Picasa. Lucy

  2. seems like parking is always such a premium thing isn't it? Williamsburg would be a great place to visit!