Thursday, November 27, 2008


The only time I make cranberry sauce is for Christmas or Thanksgiving. I will need a lot to feed my crowd and it is a lot cheaper to make, when there is just the three or two of us, I open a can of Ocean Spray Whole Berry Sauce. The direction say to add water to cook the berries, but I add half orange juice and half water. I guess I make it because that is what my mother did, and I think it tastes better with the oranges flavor.

Emily's sneezing stopped. She had taken an Allegra and a Zyrtec later on in the day. She went to work and grumbled about closing the day before Thanksgiving, but she had a $1,500 ring sale and another one pick one they liked. Wasn't all that bad of an evening in the jewelry, I think people still buy jewelry because of its intrinsic value, the gold and jewels. It will always be worth something and it will last. She has to get up early tomorrow and be at the Mall at the break of dawn for all the nuts who get there in hopes of obtaining a bargain. I refused to join the madness.

They still find jewelry from thousands of years ago.
This earring is as pretty today as it was long ago.

It is a White Thanksgiving; I took a picture of my back yard and will post it some time after the holiday. The turkey was placed in the oven at 07:30 this morning, I still have to chop the vegetable for the stuffing, and cook the red cabbage. That is a sweet-sour German dish, my mom used to cook it and Emily requested it today. It is easy to do..............


  1. What a find and it's truly beautiful.

    Stopping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. so neat when a 'child' requests a family recipe! that red cabbage dish sounds delicious!!! how fun to have a white Thanksgiving!!

    enjoy with your family :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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