Thursday, November 27, 2008



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The meal has been prepared and eaten.  Everyone was stuffed, including me.  Why did I do that?   I did the same thing many years ago and I vowed that I would not stuff my self like that again, I really feel like I am going to explode. 

My relatives all took some food home and I have plenty of leftovers.   The 24 pound turkey was delicious.   It was all natural, no hormones and no antibiotics.   It was very moist, I guess that is because  it was fresh and never frozen.

The lid to my grandmothers roaster would not fit over the top it was so big.....I had to cover it with aluminum foil and roast it like that.  I made enough gravy to feel a small army, wait, maybe 18 people is a small army.   My sister Shawnna said she guesses she will have the Christmas Dinner at her house.  She lives about 6 miles from me so it will not be a long haul. 

I took some pictures, I told them if they did not want to be in my blog to get out of the way.    My brother did not know I had a blog.   What do you write about ???   Anything I want....Could I start a blog about archery......Yes, you can write about anything you want.....   I told him I would send him the link....Emily said I had a lot of Internet chums, or maybe she said I had peeps...

I said earlier that I had no plans to go shopping tomorrow, my Karma had been changed.   Someone knocked the(empty) coffee pot to the floor.  It hit the throw rug in front of the sink and only shattered into about 10 pieces, if it has hit the ceramic tile it would have shattered into a 1000 pieces.   So......I have to get a replacement pot but it is about 5 years old and a replacement is probably not available and I will have to buy a new pot.  I do not want to go.............



  1. sounds like a great day! glad to hear the turkey tasted delicious; was wondering you would notice a difference with it being fresh with no hormones/antibotics; glad to hear it was worth ordering it, going to get it etc

    how cute about talking about blogs with family members; hope your brother does start one!


  2. Claudia it sounds like you had a wondrful thanksgiving with faMILY we did also. That is about all I used to have when my sisters and brothers were alive and my kids were home. My grandaughter had to be at work at 4:00 this morning for black Friday. Got to have that coffee pot!!! Lucy

  3. I bet it was a fun day. Good for you and now it's on to Christmas. I hope the holidays are good for you and yours.