Saturday, November 8, 2008


I have found another tidbit on the Windows Live Writer.   Down below where you select your font  is a drop down with colors listed.   So, today I chose fuchsia.  Who knows what it will be tomorrow.  They also have a instant spell check, and you have the option of adding a work to the internal dictionary.   I know a lot of the medical words I use will fall into this category.   With the spell check you highlight the word, right click and mend your failing spelling. TADA.

Emily is gone for the weekend.   A college friend of her got married and today is the reception.   Her friend got married somewhere in the Islands, had the honeymoon and now is having a reception.  I think that was a cost saver.   Anyone who was going to buy you a present will buy you one anyway.     She will meet some other of her college chums and drive to Toledo.  Emily said she thinks that weddings are just too stressful and a waste of money.   I have to agree that more could be done with the cost of the wedding.    It is said that the average wedding costs $29,000; that would be a great down payment on a house.   I wonder how many people are paying of the wedding long after they have gotten divorced.

School is going well for her.   She passed  her medication dosage test with 100% so now she can pass oral medications.  She will be graduating in no time at all.   June 10, 2010 she said.   She got her schedule for the next term.  She will have ER, OB, Peds, and Psych.    The hospital for Psych is out in the PA Mountains and she will be going in the spring.   I hope snow will not be an issue.   Even though she is driving a Subaru.   Putting the schedule out early gives them time to find car pool buddies, which will be great in case someone's car breaks down and help with the gas.

While I was in Virginia the cost of one gallon of regular was $1.99 at the lowest.  Here in western PA it is about $2.49.   My brother said the refineries were closer to him.  And to top it off they are still making record profits, we have really been ripped with the price of gasoline.  Guess that is all for this morning. 

This is what a colonial style parking garage looks like, in Williamsburg, in case you needed to know.   All the buildings are in sort of a colonial motif.   The McDonalds was red brick too.....

Williamsburg 008



  1. I've always thought that an exorbitant wedding was impractical and wasteful. A downpayment on a house makes so much more sense!

  2. I'm thoroughly enjoying watching you discover the little tricks and treats of the Blogspot retreat for AOL refugees. I too, am enjoying figuring things out so I guess this old dog can still learn a few tricks.


  3. my husband used to play in a band that did a lot of weddings; they used to wonder how many of the couples would be divorced before the wedding was paid off; amazing how much time/money goes into one day of the rest of the life for a couple; I'm with you; a downpayment on a house for sure

    congrats to Emily for doing well on her test; her upcoming studies sound interesting