Saturday, November 29, 2008


For some reason, unknown by me, at this time the Live Writer has quit working on the XP. I uninstalled and reinstalled. How does a program spontaneously quit working when it had been working for a few weeks.

My bad Karma has spread to the program. I will try to download and reinstall it one more time. GGGRRRRRRRR....

On a brighter note, I found the iPod. All it took was for me to get a trash bag, demolish and clean the bedroom closet, and put away all my clothes I had sitting out. Honestly, there were some T shirts from the summer that were sitting in a pile. Did all that work aid me in finding the iPod, not but I did find a $10 bill in one purse. The elusive iPod was under books sitting near my bedroom chair. Operator error again.

Emily, who was watching, said she wished she could find money in her things. I told her, after I die, to check every pocket for money because I leave bills in jacket, purses and who knows where else....Maybe when I get old I will plant $50 bill in things in my closet so she will be surprised..I know things will get a good cleaning. I told her to donate things you don't want, or on second thought, have an auction or sell things on eBay.

I went to an auction for a coworker who's mother had died. It was amazing people get in a feeding frenzy and keep bidding like the its the last thing on the earth like it, the bidding just keeps going. The item that sticks in my memory was a small metal pail and metal shovel that kids would take to the beach back in the 50's. (We should have listened to The Graduate when the word was PLASTICS) The bucket and pail sold for $85.00, I couldn't believe it, I was wishing I had some bucket to sell that day. Just goes to prove some people have more money than brains......
Picture of cacti taken at Phipps Conservatory. Emily and I are going tomorrow for the Winter Flower Show. I hope they have Christmas trees. Wonder what they did with those flamingos?????? The're probably in the Christmas Trees !!!!!!


  1. Before my aunt died, she told her children that she had sewn large bills into the lining of several curtains. I thought that was funny ! :)