Saturday, November 29, 2008


flowersthanksgiving 009

I have finally downloaded the pictures from Thanksgiving.   We really did not have a lot of snow, just about an inch. 

I am having trouble with Windows Live Writer.  On my Vista computer I can not get the FORMAT button to open and I can not chose colors, size or Fonts to appear...........and on the XP computer it has quit working altogether.   I removed the program and reinstalled and all I get is a box telling me there is an error and do I want to report it to Microsoft.  What good would that do me, I do not expect them to send me an email back.  I think all these send error reports are deleted when they get to their destination...


flowersthanksgiving 010

Now the fonts are working......go figure.....This is our family room where were setting up the tables for dinner.   Lucy, the cat, is exploring the goings on and she decided something was up.    When people started to arrive she flew out of this room and was not seen till the last guest had gone.  She has social anxiety issues.flowersthanksgiving 023 Here are some of the nieces and nephews,  I told them if they didn't want to be on my blog not to look at the camera.flowersthanksgiving 018

I set up the food buffet style, and everyone helped them selves.flowersthanksgiving 019

I think I need a bigger kitchen for the one time I have a big crowd.    Just look at the size of the pot of mashed potatoes......


  1. I love all the pictures and all that good food. That cat was the smartest one there. I can't remember if I told you or not but Spunky for the first time ever did not go aroiund peeing everywhere. We laid a thin rawhode and 2 small bones on his pillow. He ate the bones and buried the rawhide in case we didn't come back. He is so funny and so overweight. Lucy

  2. great shots... looks like everyone had a fun... what a ton of food! LOL

  3. what a feast!! I think you did good setting it up buffet style; probably moved quicker than trying to pass dish from person to person at the table(s); nice looking bunch of young people there! all looked like they were having a good time (except for the cat of course :)


  4. I am catching up on your recent entries but had to stop here & comment. Your house looks gorgeous and the food...well fit for a king!!

    Nicely done!

  5. Your food looks great !
    My cat hides whenever adults come over, but I could have a house full of kids, and he'd be fine. I, on the other hand, am the opposite !!!! :)