Sunday, December 21, 2008


This will be a visual memoir of the decorating of the Christmas Tree 2008.   Each year it was a competition between the kids and Chucks dad.  He would always strive to have the "best"  tree.  We would always go to his dads house on Christmas Eve and have a get together.

The last Christmas Eve was in 1995, his mother was in the hospital and the party was canceled.  She never made it home and Joe passed away the next June.  I had honestly expected him to live for another ten years or so but it was not to be...............

The preparationChristmasandTreeTriming 165

ChristmasandTreeTriming 167 Cats watching the proceedings.......................ChristmasandTreeTriming 171

Dragging in the tree from the deck......ChristmasandTreeTriming 175

Setting it up......ChristmasandTreeTriming 181

Leaving it sit overnight.

ChristmasandTreeTriming 187

The finished tree.  I would love to have the tinsel on the tree but, one cat with a bowel obstruction from eating things was enough to eliminate tinsel was enoughChristmasandTreeTriming 189

The antique Nativity set, it is probably approaching 100 years old..............The Moor Wise man is the one whose head is decapitated......The cats were not much help, really...


  1. That's a gorgeous tree! Wow, that Nativity set is really old! How special that must be to your family! Lisa

  2. that is a huge tree! but its beautiful!!!! looks great :)


  3. I learned about tinsel the hard way as well. Your tree and nativity are lovely.

  4. That tree is.. HUGE!
    I wish I could find decent Nativity sets like yours around today. It's beautiful and reminds me of my childhood.
    Have the best Christmas ever!
    Jeanie xxx

  5. What a beautiful tree! Tinsel bad for kitteh! Wise choice to leave it off.

    Hugs, Beth

  6. My goodness what a fat little sucker! Cats are always so interested in things coming into there homes are they not?

  7. That is a beautiful tree, it looks just perfect!!! Glad to know you are aware of the tinsel dangers to our feline friends.

  8. Claudia..I forgot to mention what a sturdy tree stand that is! I don't think I've ever seen one that rugged! I bet the cats won't knock over that tree! LOL! Lisa

  9. I'm so behind on your blog! :(

    I didn't have you in my blogroll...just catching up!

    What a gorgeous tree! It's hugemungous!!

    I understand about the tinsel...kitty cats loves the stuff!!