Monday, December 22, 2008


ChristmasandTreeTriming 193

I realized when I looked at the photos that only about one third of it appeared.  So I repost it.    There was also camels, cows, camels, sheep that stood, and a few shepards and an angel or two.  Guess somehow they got destroyed.  With such a packrat that my father was I am surprised that he did not keep them anyway.

Had an eye exam today.   No matter when I schedule the exam it will be bright and sunny, even in the depth of winter in an area of the county that only has about 60 cloud free days.  That day I go the sun will shine.   Today was no exception, as soon as I left the eye doctors with my eyes widely dilated, out came the sun.   Even with the sunglasses it was bright.   I was going to go to the Mall but decided not to.

I went to the store to get some more lights for the candles and ended up buying some unbreakable balls.  But when I asked about the metal holder for the balls they were out.  I stopped two more places and not holders.   Guess I should start my search in September.   

When we were first married I got some that were covered with a silky type thread and now they are coming apart.   The cats like to knock the balls off of the tree and bat them about.   I have a few other places in mind for the hangers.



  1. The nativity scene looks just like one we displayed when I was a child. How lovely and seeing this brought back nice memories.

    Oh, I hate when my eyes are dilated. Keep the shades on!!!

  2. Isn't that always the way with the dilated eyes. And I live east of the eye docs, so why do I always get the late afternoon appt.?

    If you can't find metal hangers, use thread loops for your ornaments. They seem to be more secure against cats anyway.

    o<\\\\\\;^) Jan the Gryphon

  3. That nativity scene is's obviously very old but well cared-for!

    I had my eyes examined last month and had to wear sunglasses all day! Those drops are awful!