Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I have just come across this photo.   It was sent to me by a member of Chucks extended family.    I figure it was circa 1880.   The older couple I think are Chucks great great grandparents.  They had two sons and two daughters.  That would account for the two younger women and four young men in the back.  Interestingly the fellow seated on the lower right looks like he was pasted in later.  I think they did that sort of thing then.  To expensive to take another photo.The Sperl FAmily Millvale PA

My goal is to find out their names, although I have some ideas.


  1. I always find it interesting how they didn't smile in those old pictures

    I do hope you can find their names


  2. My brother in law, after my sister developed alzhiemers brought some very old pictures to me. My other sister was dieing of cancer so she was no help, I was the baby of the family and did not get to much info. I knew my dads mom who I never met, my young handsome dad, and I really could not figure the rest out. I still have them. Lucy

  3. Old photos are such fun. This one is great!

    The reason for no smiles is the length of time the shutter had to be open to get a good image. Smiles are extremely difficult to hold for more than a few moments. Studio photographers had adjustable metal contraptions to hold people's heads from moving while the shutter was open.

    My sister keeps all the geneological info in our family. She has one of my dad's dad with his siblings. One of the great-uncles has a hairdo exactly like Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. lol

    She also has a number of photos of people that must be related to us, but we've no idea who they are and where they fit on the family tree.

    ;^) Jan the Gryphon

  4. oh yeah, you are so right! they just posted that gentleman there :o)

    I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts on my posts. from my 15th post to the latest one, u haven't missed any! that so touched me... how did i know? well, i keep a monitoring system to make sure I spot those I'll feature in my other blog: A BLOGGER A WEEK... you're on the list already.

    thanks again...