Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I worked hard yesterday and I was too tired to do anything else. I had a student and spent the day doing five gyne cases. The same technique over and over again. She did well.

We went out to eat at a restaurant on the way home. I am getting to tired to even think of cooking on my late days. I wish I had more energy to do things.

Off today and went to the genealogy meeting. We just talked for about an hour and the went to lunch for the Holiday. I still have lots to do for finding my relatives, some of the people have been doing this for 20 years or so, and me for only two. It is funny that they are still making discoveries I guess in twenty years I will be a lot further ahead. Or at least I hope so......Next week is Emilys last week of school for this semester. Then she is off till after New Years.............I have been looking at my photographs and some of them are missing. They have been moved from the computer to hard drive to flash drives, where does this stuff go???

This is a picture from Germany, I guess circa 1915. The tall girl, holding the younger girl is my grandmother Anna Maria Johanna Bartels and her sister Johanna Anna Maria Bartels. That looks to me like a neighborhood kid photo shoot. I received a lot of old photos and I WROTE DOWN THE NAMES OF THE PEOPLE I KNOW ON THE BACK OF THEM. I imagine we all have those ancestor pictures who have no names on the backs.... I think the photo was taken i Celle, Germany. That was the town that my great grandfather and grandmother has listed as their town on my grandmothers birth certificate.......

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  1. Great pic, Claudia. How cool that you have it!

  2. I like that picture!! I think its neat you are working on your ancestors; one thing I was really bad about was not writing down names on back on photos and now I'm not sure who is in there with some of my kids' friends from their younger days; I was glad my sister took time with my mom before my mom died to have my mom give her names in pictures.

    I'm thinking Emily will enjoy her break from school