Thursday, December 4, 2008

Henry and The Tree

This is the second time I have tried to add this photo.....The first time I had scanned it, it appeared with the large border of white that was the background of the scanner. This time, I did a preview and then cropped the photo and then did a scan. I think it looks about 100% better......But this is the largest size that I can come up with on the blog. I have a lot of photos

Henry had been climbing this tree for a few days, I heard a gian whooshing sound and there he was looking all innocent and "I didn't do it.."


  1. That is to funny!!! I had a schnauzer that did that to me when I was at work but chewwed the lighting cord. What a mess. Lucy

  2. Oh they just have to get into mischeif, huh! Tooo funny! Glad you got a photo for the memories!

  3. he looks so innocent; he didn't even try to move away from the scene of the crime

    what a cute picture