Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rainy and Dreary Day yet Again

WilliamsburghThanksgiving 026

I would like to know how get that that glassy look no to appear on my animals pictures when I take them. The camera has a red eye reduction but it doesn't seen to work, I suppose it is because those eyes are not red. They actually look like alien cats. That is Henry and Jenny, they are waiting for the house woman to retrieve their cat toys from under the stove/oven. They each have their favorite types. The play all over the house and while playing on the ceramic tile kitchen floor, the toy will go sailing underneath. Then I get the flashlight and metallic yardstick to swat them out from under the appliance. When they hear the metallic noise on the floor they come running to watch the proceedings. The toys also get stuck under the couches. I need a helper to lift the couches to rescue the toy mice.

Thought: Do they have metersticks instead of yard sticks in the rest of the world?

It amazes me how the people in the USA refuse to convert to the metric system. The bozos here think the world revolves around them. In the hospital everything is metric. The really good thing is your weight in Kilos. You sound so much skinnier... If you weigh 175 lbs. in kilos you would be about 79 Kilos. That does sound much better....

How to determine your weight in kilos. Take your weight, say 190 lbs. divide it by two........that would be 95.......then you subtract the first number 9 from 95 and that will give you your approximate weight of 86 kilos. If you weigh more, say 210 lbs.......divide by 2.....105, then you would subtract 10 from 105 and your weight would be about 95 kilos. This was all about how easy it is to convert......One inch is about 2.5 cm. I will need my calculator or a pen and paper to go on with the height calculations. It is too early to think that deeply while typing.

The liquid measures are easy too. The difficult would be the temperatures, which is a difficult formula. Body temp is 37C, boiling point is 100C and freezing is 0C. My best suggestion on that is to stick your nose outside and determine if it is hot or cold.........


  1. My cat does the same thing. One time we found 6 mice under the stove. Sometimes they go under the TV or buffet. But mostly he slides them under closet/bathroom doors and then comes and meows for us to get them. So entertaining!
    Will keep your hubby in my prayers!

  2. Oh- the eye thing.... I just can't get my cat looking straight on, if he's not looking straight at the camera, I can get a non-glowing eye pic.

  3. Love the furbabies. The glowing eyes can be avoided if you angle the camera not directly at the eyes. Off center it a bit and it comes out better.

    Good pics and they are doing what furbabies do :-)


  4. Try bouncing the light off something before it hits the pets with a piece of paper held in front of the flash? Its the light hitting the retina which causes this. If it can be deflected, it will minimise the look...nice pictures though anyway.

  5. they look so cute just waiting! I bet its the highlights of their days to watch you retrieve their toys; they probably plan how to get them in the most impossible place to get them out too :)

    so funny; never thought about meter sticks; something to ponder tonight!

    I think I like my weight in kilograms; thanks for giving us the formula to figure it out :)