Friday, December 19, 2008


I looked around Google and did a search. What I did find were a lot of places with blog templates. Actually, it was sensory overload, my mind was boggled. I decided just to get rid of all the squares and intense colors, I will start with a cream color and go from there.

I am glad this work week is over. There were fifty cases on today. Everyone is exhausted and also glad the week is done. Next week is very light...I need to check how many vacation days I get to see if I can take any off.

Chuck is due home soon, and Emily is working till 11. Just a few days till the store closes. That will give her more time for study and going to the gym. She will be off for about two weeks. Guess I will make my to do list. lol


  1. I know what you mean about blog overload. I have been doing the same. I would like to have more room on mine to do whatever I wanted. I do really like yours. It is so cleran looking. Lucy

  2. Great minds think alike and all that....
    I too have been playing around and trying to understand what it is all about. I gave up and will try another day.

    Good luck with your design template.Hugs
    Jeanie xx