Thursday, December 18, 2008


I want a new blog idea, or template, I am getting bored with the old set up. I have previewed the templates and do not see what I would like to do. Maybe if I go into the bowels of Windows Writer there will be somethere. Some people had mentioned interest in this program, so, here is the link.....I have to investigate more myself.


  1. I use live writer for my blog entres and I won't go back!

    As for layouts, I'll see if I can find the link to some unusal layouts that I found and couldn't get placed because I didn't take the time to read the details. ::sigh::


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  3. I have the picture on my computer and when I get a free moment, I can make you a banner! However, I'm afraid I haven't worked much with Blogger layouts, but I can try!

    And I should really go to sleep now...

  4. I tried the live writer but really did not give it a chance. I decided I didn't like it right off. I think it was because it was new to me and I am old fashioned. Lucy

  5. I just use a regular 'ol blogger template. I'm hoping to get to Phipps sometime in the next two weeks. I want to take my Great Aunt (she turned 92 yesterday). The tree is beautiful can not wait to see them.

    I live at the very end of the snow belt...litterally 3 miles south of me gets only about 1/3 of the snow every year. It is lovely though...but this rainy muckety muck were dealing with the last couple of weeks is awful!