Thursday, December 18, 2008


ChristmasPhipps2008 017

White flowers need red lettering...After three grueling days at work I had today off.....I had a long list of things to do. And I might add I got them done. I bought things for Chuck and Emily but I can not tell because they read the blog...Guess I will save that for after Christmas. For my sibs I made copies of the picture of the six of us I have on the side and bought frames to put them in. Shawnna knows of this so I can print it.

Bought some sweets for the Short Stay Unit and Cath Lab in appreciation for the care Chuck received last week and will take them in tomorrow. This week has been very busy and week is very light. On Christmas Eve there are only three cases scheduled at this time. Maybe be as much as 10 when the Eve rolls around.Interstate 95 Pennsylvania Map

This is a map of PA. The weather in PA is divided into North and South of I80. The forecast is calling for freezing rain, sleet and snow from I 80 and north. I am glad I do not live above I 80. They get a lot of snow from lake effect snow off of Lake Erie. Last year the Great Lakes did not freeze. That freezing usually happens in January and February. Once the lake freezes the snow from the lake ends.

What I really wanted to do with this map was see if I could cut and paste things and how long they will last.


  1. Thanks for calling by my journal Claudia. In answer to your question is is usual to have a decent snowfall every winter here in the English Lakes. There have been odd exceptions. We don't get nearly as much as you do by the sound of things but our fell tops usually wear white winter coats which is nice to see from a distance. It's only whe the snow lies lower that it affects us badl as we live at the top of a steep hill.
    Glad you got your shopping all finished. I bet yu feel more relaxed now.
    Have a Happy Chrismas.

    Jeanie xx

  2. that is nice of you to bring some sweets to those that took care of your sweetie when he was in for his procedure the other day; I think that is also a great gift for your siblings! glad you got a day off to tie up some things. (read ahead regarding your other entry about changing your templates; good luck finding something; I know there's lots out there, but clueless where to find them; I know lots of other talented people have probably directed you to places to see out new templates)

    enjoy your weekend :)