Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I also have found out that the cats like to sit in boxes. I have to find the picture of my red Henry sitting in one. I came home from Sam's Club and put a box on the floor and asked Chuck how long did he think it would take for a cat to sit in it? It took about 3 minutes. Each one of them would come and sit in the box, but Henry likes it the best. And they too like to squeeze their big butts in the tiniest of boxes.

Chuck bought that tree stand a few years ago. We had a shallow dish with thumbscrews that you would tighten to hold the tree in place.....then on one of his forays to the hardware store (you know what I mean) he came home with the mother of all stands. Now here in western PA the tree sellers will drill about a 6" hole in the center of the tree trunk and the stand had the corresponding spike to fit the tree. It stands up straight and has not fallen yet.

About a 45 minute drive from my home is Indiana, PA. They grow most of the Christmas Trees that are sold in the USA for the Holidays. You can see them go down the highway by the truck full after Thanksgiving to parts unknown. An outing can be to go and chose and chop down your own tree. We have never done this but some of my friends do and it is cold, snowy and you have to take hot chocolate, or other warming beverage of you choice with you. Then you tie the tree on or in your car and hope it doesn't fall off or out till you get home.

Chucks dad Joe, started the Christmas Tree contests. Joe did not have a cathedral ceiling, but he always found the most rotund tree, sometime they were as round as they were tall . We always usually have one that is between eight and ten feet tall. With all the ornaments from his family we have enough to cover it.

I did purchase some new balls (plastic) but could not find any hangers. On my fourth place of looking I got the last package. I was excited, they are green to match the tree. I was about to think that I would have to make a note on September of 2009 to go and look for them and the flasher set of light replacements.

I have off tomorrow and there are only three rooms and five cases. I will enjoy my two days off. I do work on Friday, it worked out well, the people who wanted off Christmas Eve and the people who wanted of the day after Christmas all seemed to get what they wanted, it took a bit of swaping but everyone was happy.


  1. glad you got tomorrow off!!


  2. I'm glad your scheduled time out worked best for you!!