Monday, December 22, 2008


You have heard of The Cat In The here is the cat in the box. Cats seem to like jumping in and out of boxes..Emily took this one of Jenny who was having a grand time with her box searches.
I had three day off in a row. What a treat for me. I rarely have off on Mondays or Fridays. The OR schedule is very light this week. I am hoping to get off on Christmas Eve. We will draw names or that and if some one gets off on both the 24th and 26th and I get off none of them I will be quite irked.
I have most of my chores done for Christmas. I still have to wrap the presents but that will not take long. Emily is working till closing tonight, tomorrow and Christmas Eve. The store will have its final closing at 6PM on Christmas Eve. Then, on the 26th she will go in for packing and closing of the store. She will get 2 weeks pay, her vacation and extra hours for helping packup. Four of the woman have transferred to other stores in the area and Emily and one of the others will be eligible for unemployment. She is going to see how this semester goes and might get a job at the hospital where she does her clinical, she said they will hire the students to work as nurses aides.
It is VERY cold outside. It started at 3F this morning and probably went all the way up tp 10F. Will get cold tonight and up to about 36F tomorrow. That was a short lived cold spell, I am not dissapointed in that change of weather. At lease we didn't get snow, rather just a dusting.


  1. My little kitty loves to sleep and play in boxes. I've taken a few photos who knows what I've done with them!

    Here's hoping you get Christmas Eve off! Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  2. I like the drawing idea; hope you get one of those days off

    loved the picture of the cat in the box!


  3. As I was wrapping gifts, we discovered that our kitty likes to lay on paper. So we tried different paper throughout the day; newspaper, copy paper, junk mail.... each time we laid a piece of paper on the floor, he came and laid on it. Gosh, I WISH I knew what went through his little head.
    Jen :)

  4. No need to worry about my blog being screwy again. Got the look I like and will stick with it. Your 3 days hoff have made a difference. You sound so relaxed.

  5. One of my cats has a fixation on boxes as well. If I have a box laying out, he could sit in it for hours. And the smaller the box better. He'll squeese his fat little behind in it regardless and seems to enjoy it. Lol.

    Enjoy your days off!

  6. Hee Hee! My cats love boxes too! They like to sleep in them...and on my books!