Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Just a question...for the past few days when I click on a few of the bogs the whole computer freezes. These are blogs that I routinely read.....Is anyone else having the same problem?? I am to the point that I have to turn off the computer by pushing the button and not shutting it down via the start button...

Work was busy today....I was in the GI lab, most of them were having their stomachs examined. I am off tomorrow and Thursday, yeah.....For me New Years Eve is just a non event and I get awakened by all that noise at midnight. Anymore one day is just like the other.

Today was Emily's last day at work. They had packed the things and now they were doing inventory and shipping the things to where ever they go. I think it would be other stores.

She was down about it, said she feels like she is dependant on society now. I just laughed and said she had not even filed for unemployment yet. I told her she would be even more down if she were not going to school. She will be back at school on the 5th. She will now learn about disease and the processes. In April she will start her rotations. She will do her Psych rotation at a state mental hospital. They go for two days in a row and the students will stay overnight in the local hotel because it is about 45 miles from home. Four women in a room, can you imagine that. All of them trying to get in the shower and dry their hair.....

Flowers taken at the Mosside Greenhouse, last summer. Felt like I wanted to see a little color.


  1. The flowers are lovely. I'm not having any problems surfing....hope everything is okay with your computer.

  2. Amazingly I have not had a problem but if I did I am so PC illiterate I would blame myself. Love the flowers. I have one african violet blooming. I baby that thing like it was a whole garden. Thanks for the link to the socks. I am going to order him a pair and see if it will help. He is on a lot of meds all for the heart. They gave him a new one in place of vytoryin and his muscle aches are worse than before. They have cut way back on the times they see him. It was every 3 mo. but now it is not as often. I would feel better if they saw him like they did. He really aches in his muscles and I think they are due to the statins.

  3. I know what you mean Claudia; my computer will freeze as a blog loads but then after the blog is loaded I can gain access to it; I think the ones that have a lot of fancy things on their blogs like music and lots of graphics slow down my computer and causes it to temporarily freeze

    it is sad that Emily's store closed; I know she is working on a better career, but I'm sure she had friendships there that now will be scattered all over the place; the signs of the times for sure

    glad you have a few days off to rest and enjoy time with family

    Happy New Year!


  4. Betty's right Claudia. It's usually graphic intense journals that freeze. I have problems with those kinds and I am sometimes bumped off aol too ecause of it.
    I loved the photo of your surfinias.
    A reminder of summer days in the midst of our freezing winter.
    I wish you and your family a Happy and Healthy New Year.
    Jeanie xx

  5. Happy New Year Claudia...all the very best to you and yours.