Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well, thanks to a few suggestions. I know the blogs I have tried to access have been loaded with graphics.
I have also tried to clean up the computer. I cleaned the disc and emptied the recycle bin. I may do a defrag next. I want to delete the temporary files, but one thing I do not want to do is delete the files that contain my cookies to the sites I use. That is such a hastle.
Emily has gone to Cleveland....She left about two hours ago and should be getting there soon. I am glad she left before dark. With tonight being New Years Eve I a glad she will be at her Friends home before the nuts start coming out. The will have a party and everyone brings a dish. She got some dip mixes and was going to add low cal, fat free sour cream. I went to the store and say a plate of veggies so I bought them for her. It will go well with her selection of healthier choices. She thought maybe she could get a hair cut while waiting for her friends to come home from work.
This last year was really one for the record books. With all the closings, unemployment, stock market fiascoes and decreases in my retirement funds....I am lucky in health care, I can decrease my days and ease into retirement. I can also have to ability to purchase health insurance thru my employer. When you are in your sixties one never knows when you will need the health insurance. To quote Queen Elizabeth this certainly was a Annus Horribilus. Note to self, the spell checker doesn't recognize Latin so I hope I spelled it correctly.
On my list of hopes for next year. To eat healthier, get some exercise and lose some weight. We will all be working on that, or so that is the plan. To cut down my hours at work. To clean out two closets and go thru the boxes worth of twenty years of things that we could not do without but do not remember what is the boxes. To go through the clothes I have but no longer wear. Give what is usable to the thrift store, try to sell books at my new favorite used book store Half Priced Books. I know they (whomever THEY are, I guess the experts at these thing I suppose) say if you haven't used (whatever) in one year get rid of it. I think that would apply to a lot of things. It might also make a great thing for someone else to get. And work on my genealogy more earnestly. There are a lot of people I need to find.
For Christmas I found a lot of books for Emily. Two books on Nursing Diagnosis, that is what you can do for your patient that will aid in their recovery or make them feel comfortable. For example: if they are short of breath you would raise the head of the bed to make it easier to breathe. After your finish and graduate these things become second nature and you do not need to write them, and also, they have them in the computer programs so when you are a graduate you just need to run them off.
Guess that is enough for this year. We will go out to eat about five but be back before the crazies are out and about.
Photo taken at the greenhouse. Have a Happy New Year to all, all over the world.


  1. Wishing you a very happy healthy 2009.

  2. Happy new yeqr to you! Thanks for stopping by and commenting-and yes, let's hope this year is not so horribilis as last!

  3. all good resolutions, especially getting rid of things you haven't used in a year or two; I had a lot of success selling books on especially if they were relatively recent books; made it a little side business when I lived in Montana, going to garage sales and buying books then selling them; but haven't gotten into it yet here.

    here's hoping 2009 is a great one for you and a better one for our country and economy


  4. Happy New Year, Claudia and to your family also. We slept the old year out and the new one in. Now to find a calendar for 2009. We always had them to spare but not any more. Lucy