Saturday, December 6, 2008


I am still in the mood to go to the Christmas Flower Show, but we have not had a sunny day for a few weeks.
My 16 hour shifts are a thing of the past. I read my journal entry's and all I do was moan and groan about them. It really is tiring, so I email my boss and told her I did not want to do them anymore....She said OK. I think I have a few but no more after February. Unless, of course, I want one.
Yesterday was busy, I did general surgery. The usual things, insertion of a port to be used for chemo, GB, and a laparoscopic colon resection. They take so long, I think I would like to have mine (if ever I need one) the old way. A good surgeon can have that done in about an hour and a half. The laparoscopic one was almost 4 hours and the man was elderly, and you have to tape him to the OR table so he does not slide of onto the floor. They have to place the patient practically standing on his head, the contents of the abdomen will fall by gravity and makes it easier to do the surgery. Of course this places a great strain on the heart and lungs, It is hard to breathe when your lungs are compressed by the weight of the abdominal contents. I prevailed and he did good.
Chuck had his lab work and chest x-ray for his upcoming Cardiac Cath. I hope all goes well. Every one who needs to have a procedure done worry about it. I guess the fear is the unknown....I gave anesthesia to a man one time who did not want to have it done. He mentioned the anesthesia. "I am just going to fight it..." said he. "Don't make my job any harder...." said I. Needless to say I won that battle.
I got done about 9 PM and then hung around till it was time to go home.
We had both wanted to retire soon, but now with the current economic situation I wonder if anyone is able to retire anytime soon? I do not think so, people are reluctant to give up their job (if they currently have one) The forecasts are more doom and gloom with every newscast. Emily will be done in about a year and a half. Now the applications to Nursing School are up. It is a profession that is needed in the down economic time. She still likes school and the work. Thanks heavens.


  1. There was an article in our paper today that Indiana's nursing shortage is the worst in the country. Health care is a pretty good profession to be in, if you can handle the hours and the stress. Emily will have no problem finding a job, that's for sure!


  2. I am so squeemish there isn't any possibility I could do your job. The few people I know who were planning on retiring in 2009 have changed their plans, they lost so much in their retirement plans they cannot afford to do so now. It's really a shame.

  3. I think people are waiting longer if they can to retire; these economic times are so uncertain people are afraid to give up their jobs for anything; I know I work in an "okay stable field" but I know I'm stopping and thinking twice about asking for things that I routinely would have asked for before but now I don't want to 'rock the boat' and be known as maybe a troublemaker if they are looking to cut people; there's so much uncertainty that I think we are going to have for a few years, but I think you are rise to not do those 16 hour shifts; that's something you proactively can do to protect yourself the best you can while you are still out there working

    interesting about the difference between the lap surgery and the open; I think I'd go with the old fashion way; sounds kinder to the body