Saturday, December 6, 2008


It dawned on me today.....It is the Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day and I did not see one thing mentioned on line. Will it become just another day of ancient history? Like WWI, The Korean they still teach History in school......Or is everyone caught up in the current economic situation that is plaguing the world??

Emily outlines what she will get as severance, not much but it will help. One week for every year she has worked. Plus her vacation and sick time. She said what she will miss the most is the jewelry store discount...she said she can never buy retail again since she knows what it costs...........she is at work..........she told me there are 30 vacant stores including one very large department store that has been there for only two years. Is it dismal everywhere????

It is snowing outside and lo and behold I heard a salt truck outside. Most of the winter the truck passes my little street by. I have called and complained but it still does not get treated. It is not a main street, I asked one time how could I get a discount on my taxes since I do not get the services that my tax money is paying for??? The man on the phone did not think it was funny.

Chuck called and said they are seeing a lot of accidents because of the snow. He drove his Subaru to work, actually everyday for the past few weeks......We will go out to eat when he gets home........The cardiac cath is scheduled for this coming Friday....


  1. Drive carefully in all that snow.
    I noticed the lack of attention to Pearl Harbor also. Of course no one seemed to be out celebrating yesterday either. (the day that prohibition ended...) :) Think I'll go pour myself a glass of wine, say a prayer for our current military troops, and thank the fine State of Utah for allowing me to enjoy my glass of wine. (how ironic that it was Utah to end prohibition...considering the Mormons don't drink alcohol / or aren't supposed to, anyway.)
    Am still praying for good results for your hubby.

  2. Pearl Harbor Day is tomorrow, Dec. 7, and I bet there will be stuff online and in the Sunday paper. I don't believe that will ever pass out of our country's memory, because we were attacked that day.

    It's snowing here, too, and it sounds like we'll get a fair amount of snow over the weekend.


  3. Thanks Beth....I was extremely disapointed that no one had mentioned it.. Chuck thinks it will be mentioned on page 15 of the paper, he says we will be the last that remember it.....for the people growing up now it is just a page in the history book.

  4. that is sad so many empty stores in one mall! it is that bad all over; you should see here where there are strip malls they built thinking there would be people leasing space and none have and the whole mall (10-15 store space) is empty; and we won't even talk about how many foreclosed houses on a block; just sad

    I was going to ask my son if he knew what Pearl Harbor Day was but he's taking a shower so I'll ask him later; I'm betting he doesn't know (and he's 19)

    I'm glad Emily is getting some type of severance pay; it will help some but not enough in the long run


  5. *is the daughter*

    Actually, it's about 15 stores, though I may be missing a few at the other end of the mall. Supposedly there are about five other stores closing with ours come the new year. The DM said it was a very generous lease offer and people at the company are very surprised the mall declined. Oh well. Now I sleep.

  6. That is so true about Pearl Harbor Day. It was odd because I had picked a movie based on the 2nd world war. At the end I just cried for those brave youmg and old men. Like war today in Iraq, so many young men. It all seemed so primitive compared to the smart weapons we have now. but those men had heart. Lee Marvin was wonderful in it. Lucy