Sunday, December 14, 2008


Some where in the deep recesses of my brain I remember going to see Santa Claus, I must have been about four or so............I can remember standing in line with my mother and grandmother. We had taken a trip into the city for this occasion...........What I do remember is waiting in line; it seemed like a long time to me......and when I finally go there I remember climbing under his chair. I guess I was afraid of him, and I bet my mother was really angry with me. I do not remember much other than I did that.............I do not remember if going to see Santa was my idea or my moms...........wish I had asked her about that............
When Emily was young we lived in New Jersey. We had moved from Texas and unbeknownst to us we moved into a primarily Jewish community. When she was in first grade we had gone to the local mall and I asked her if she wanted to go to visit Santa. She told me that the Jewish kids had told her that he wasn't real and said hat your parents did that. We then had a talk about the spirit of Christmas, and giving and sharing.......but I also did ask her "What if you're wrong?" She said she would go and see him ...."Just in case..." I do not think she was disappointed, and she just told me no she wasn't really.....she said she feels no great loss that he had no place in her life.....I really did not push the Santa angle.....But, I added that day..."Do not tell your cousins of your suspicions........" She did not, actually she because she became a co conspirator in the story......


  1. how cute with your visit to Santa that you remember and then Emily's visit "just in case'; we didn't push the Santa; we didn't push the Santa thing either but did tell the kids not to spoil their friends believing in him


  2. I used to love to go see santa - I have a few memories of sitting on his lap so enamoured with his white beard.

    Hmmm...this kind of sounds like I've got a thing for Santa!!! LOL