Sunday, December 14, 2008



I made it to the Flower Show today.  The day dawned bright and sunny,  so I made my trip early.   It was a good thing because everyone had the same idea.  There was a young couple with a tripod and were taking pictures of themselves.   I suspect they were probably taking engagement pictures.   The back ground was great for that.

There were also many young families with young children whom I suspect were taking their Christmas Pictures....One young girl just would not smile, she had a angry face and would not cooperate for her parents.  I took a lot of pictures and I did find the pink flamingos again.....After Claudias photo shoot I went to the Mall, and I had said earlier that the Mall was dead, but today it was crowded and I guess people came out for their shopping,   finally.

ChristmasPhipps2008 056


  1. Beautiful picture. Glad everything is good with your hubby. One year I took a pic. of my kids looking like they were growling on purpose and sent it out with my Christmas cards. It seemed a lot more fun than a nice pic. with the "blah blah, my kids are so great...blah blah" form letter. :) Maybe the mother with the "angry face" child will do that as well.

  2. What beautiful colors there. I can see why people would use the show as time to get family portraits for Christmas cards or engagement photos.


  3. Beautiful ornaments, lovely display of Christmas balls~

  4. It makes me think of Candy Land!?

    Love it! *M*

  5. Claudia, your tree looks beautiful...great ornaments. Love the color coordination.